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About us

InGenius was founded in 1973 and has since been delivering successful projects and assignments with a focus on Company Processes and sustainable Company Development.
We help companies improve their business with the philosophy we follow, People, Process, and Technology - PPT.

Our Method and how we operate?

 We believe in the statement "Data is the digital representation of the business", however, data does not turn itself into business improvements. You need to balance the three components of People, Process, and Technology and maintain good relationships between them to maximize efficiency. After all, people use processes and technology to complete work for the organization they're with.
We do have the tools and technology to quickly collect your data and utilize Business Intelligence in your organization. From these facts, together with reviewing your business processes, with the activities of the people, we can better understand where the area of focus for improvement would be.
Engaging people in your organization with experience in your business,  together with our experience in business and process improvements, and adding innovative tools results in great improvements.

Business Analysis

Have you looked at the data and turned it into facts about your business?  Do you have the correct KPIs to measure your business performance? What tools do you have to track and measure your business?

This stage is all about looking into your business processes and data.

We can also look at Strategic, Tactical, and Operational Planning and what your overall goals are, and how your business processes support those goals.

Business Development Plan

Once we have facts, we can determine where we stand today and where our goals should be going forward. We work on finding areas of improvement together with your organization in the processes we have identified as the largest room for improvements. 

Are your process KPIs and goals in sync with your Strategic, Tactical, and Operational targets?

Business Plan Implementation

Now we execute the plan.  Implement ideas and actions, large or small, taken from your organization and with guidance from us.

Implement tools, if necessary, to access Business Intelligence.

Make your employees better understand how their processes and KPIs support the overall goals and strategic plan.

Implement, track your KPIs, and measure your progress. It is a continuous journey.

We collaborate with others in Business Intelligence


We collaborate with InfoZone, an IT consulting firm with broad expertise within systems development, virtual infrastructure and business intelligence.  They deliver customized, efficient and robust IT systems as well as structuring and automating your IT environments for optimum performance, operation and economy.


TimeXtender empowers you to build a modern data estate 10x faster with a simple, drag-and-drop solution for data ingestion and preparation.

Their data estate builder automatically generates all code and documentation, which reduces build costs by 70%, frees data teams from manual, repetitive tasks, and empowers BI and analytics experts to easily create their own data products.

How TimeXtender empowers everyone on your team:

Business leaders get access to reliable data faster, with 70% lower build costs and 80% lower maintenance costs.

Data teams get freedom from manual, repetitive tasks, and have more time to focus on higher-impact analytics projects.

BI and analytics experts get a code-free experience for creating their own data products – no more bottlenecks.

Customized Projects tailored around your needs

  • Business Intelligence implementations

  • Modern Data Warehouse Implementation

  • Project Management

  • Mergers and Business Integrations

  • Process mapping and Re-engineering

  • Organizational restructuring

  • Operations & Supply Chain Management

  • Financial Accounting and Auditing


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